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  • 23 September 2021
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Dear community, 

We have non inventory sales parts setup that have a Tax code of G1, which includes tax, however for our overseas customers we do not want this we want the tax code G2, no tax. 

The customer has a Tax Code setup as G2 however the non inventory sales part has G1 - other than a custom event is there a system way to set the tax code on the lines to inherit from the customer record not from the non inventory sales part?

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You can apply Tax Class to connect with non inventory sales part.

However, it support in term of difference country of customer address.

Eg. Dometic > G1, Overseas > G2

G1 = your country

G2  = Overseas




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When there are tax codes in both Customer/Address/Delivery tax information and in the object level - sales part as well, both tax codes will be fetched to the customer order line according to the online documentation as below.

“Taxes can be fetched from both address and object to the same transaction. It is up to the user to enter the basic data for taxes depending on the tax environment, i.e. whether the taxes are object related or address related, or a combination.”



When both tax codes are fetched, user can remove the tax codes from Customer order line>RMB>Order line details>order line taxes as desired.


Regarding tax class - If you have a tax code in the sales part, you cannot enter a tax class in the sales part. You should enter either a tax code or a tax class.