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Creating a supplier invoice for several receipts

  • 21 January 2022
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I have a question about supplier invoices. Is there an IFS function to create a supplier invoice for several receipts?

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Best answer by Narmada 22 January 2022, 06:49

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Hi @K4uLinalM 


could you please share any additional details with us ?

Are you asking the Self-Billing functionality ?


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@Malgorzata Palatynska 

The customer wants to consolidate the supplier invoices for all receipts for each month into one invoice. That's why I want to know if there is a function in IFS to do this.




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This is a very interesting question.  Typically, from a supplier invoice perspective, a supplier sends a given invoice to our IFS client. IFS does not create the supplier invoice. The exception being the self-billing. 

If the supplier sends IFS an invoice for multiple purchase orders, yes we do that but again IFS does not create the supplier invoice. A file or user creates the supplier invoice and that invoice can be for PO1;PO2;PO3;PO4 etc.  The “;” would be used to list the different PO’s for the month. 

From a sales perspective (customer order invoices) we have the collective invoice functionality where the invoice we create can cover a time period of customer order deliveries such as every month create the sales invoice for deliveries in a given month. But this is from a sales perspective.  

For the AP side, a file load can do what your asking, but IFS does not  create the file. We accept the file into IFS to create the AP invoice. 

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hi @K4uLinalM,

Users are able to add multiple purchase orders in the ‘PO Ref’ field & then its allowed to match all GRNs relevant to those POs. Please refer below screen preview for easier reference.

Option 1 - provide all PO numbers in PO ref field and select Match PO Receipts per line RMB action to match GRNs

Option 2 - Provide supplier ID & other invoice header details and select Mach PO receipts per line RMB action.


Please check the PO matching parameters in supplier basic data too.


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@Thomas Peterson @Narmada Thank you very much for your answers. 


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