Create and connect Customer invoice to advance invoice created

  • 23 September 2022
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Does someone knows how to create and the connect a Customer Invoice to an advance invoice already created?

Here is the step by steps I followed:

  • Have a Customer order in planned status connected to a Projet
  • I RMB and created an advance invoice related to this Customer Order 
  • The advance invoice is created, I print it and paid it: it’s in status Paid/printed
  • I followed the Quick Handle flow for the Customer Order and change it to Deliver status
  • Know I want to have the Final Customer Invoice created to be able to link it to the previous Advance Invoice created. 

I’m stop at this step because:

  • I do not have the option to create a Manual Customer Invoice,
  • The instant invoice is not relevant for this matter
  • I cannot create the Invoice in the screen “create customer invoice” , my Customer Order doen’t appears.

I only have the Advance Invoice for this Customer Order.

Does someone has already test that and suceed ?

Thanks for your help



Best answer by Nancy Fink 23 September 2022, 19:02

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5 replies

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When you create and print the customer order invoice -- the system will automatically offset the payment from the advance invoice to the CD invoice

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Thank you Nancy, 


But as I said, I cannot  create the customer Invoice in the screen “create customer invoice” , my Customer Order doen’t appears. 

How can I create the CO Invoice? It seems easy but it’s not available. 

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That sounds like possibly an issue with the customer order itself and not an issue with the Advance invoice process flow.   Or possibly you have customer setup to create collective invoice...

What does quick order flow show as the next step? 

If you do a customer order for the same customer/part without the advance invoice are you able to create the final invoice?  

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Hi Nancy, 

Thank you for your answer, you are right, the issue is more on the Customer Order process invoicing itself than on the Advance Invoice process flow. 

I don’t know for collective invoice…. this is out of scope, 

The quick order flow shoes nothing after because the last step on the flow is done. I should be able to create the invoice.

But, you’re true, I cannot manually create the final invoice on a CO with or without Advance Invoice connected.

I guess the actual settings doesn’t allow that process. 

Or IFS doesnt’ let us create final invoice on CO with automatic flow when an advance invoice is already created…

Thanks for your help, 


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You should be able to create a CD invoice via the normal CO flow and advance invoice flow.      I recommend you go to your customer -- click on the order- misc customer and check how the invoice type is setup -- could be setup as collection.   

Above is just one setting to check