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  • 12 January 2021
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We recently implemented doing automatic payments (ACH) transactions for suppliers.  I would like a report similar to the Supplier Check Payment Report for these payments.  Does anyone know of a place or at least a query where I can get a date range for automatic payments?

The 1099 report isn’t working correctly, so I need to know what we have paid suppliers with the automatic payments to get good dollar values for the 1099’s.

3 replies

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There is an option to print the pay order (or save to file).  Have you tried this option.


As for recreating the 1099 manually, you use the 360 or an invoice (by status ‘paid’) advanced search:


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Hi Jennett,

Go to Payment File Trace information window (you can find in the navigator). You have the automatic payment trace details there.


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Eranda -

When I hit populate, there is nothing there.  Perhaps I didn’t get the setup completed correctly or I missed a step when doing ACH payments?