Apps 9 - DOCMAN - Is there a way to automate an approval routing based on the document class?

  • 28 September 2021
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Does anyone know if its possible when a user attaches a specific document class to a form that it would automatically select an approval routing?

OR.. do i need to write a custom event to perform this action?

Basically we have a situation when users upload documents for a write off, i would like to invoke an approval routing so all levels sign off on any customer write off.

Suggestions/Advice appreciated

4 replies

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Hi @BLLBrucemo , Please check if setting up below document default value would resolve your problem.


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Thanks Dilini, i have already got this enabled for the approval template but when do i need to put in the ‘Override-Value?’


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@yes, you have to. 

First you need to have your approval template saved. Example shown below


Then, if your requirement is to, have the above approval template on all the documents that you create using document class “WRITE-OFF”, you have to set it up under document class management, and you have to update the default value with your Template ID. In my case, it is ‘20’



Hope this is helpful.

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Thanks for the reply, i did try that but it didnt automatically select my approval template. Not sure what am doing wrong as i have the setup like yours

Approval Template


Document Class Managment default


Then i add a document with the class - BAL W/OFF but the approval process is not applied

Doc Class added as per template

Approval template still empty


Any other ideas what could be missing?