Advance Invoices and Advance Credits

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We have an Advance invoice with an open amount of $219.58 and and Advance Credit for (219.58).  Is there any way to offset these in mixed payments?




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The CUPIA is coming from an Instant Invoice?

And the CUPOA was done from Mixed Payment?


In that case, you can create a Mixed Payment with Transaction Type: Enter Customer Payment.

Select the Customer and put Amount = 0. Then select the multiple records and system will populate the CUPIA and CUPOA for you to choose.



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Thanks for the reply.  These are not CUPIA and CUPOA transactions.   




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Maria is along the right lines with her suggestion, although not payments as she says, the advanced invoice and credit note are ledger items and you can offset them in a mixed payment using a 0 value Customer Payment that you match both the items to.

This isn’t my preferred option as you are going to be left with a zero value bank transaction, although you can create a bank account for such transactions like this if you do want to go down the mixed payment route.

I would use a Customer Offset to clear the two items off the ledger, but both routes will work.