Account Matching with revaluation postings

  • 31 August 2021
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We are not able to match two transactions if they are not posted in the same period and in other currency than company currency. In addition, there are several transactions posted against this account, which affects also the currency revaluation. Therefore, the amount from currency revaluation can not be used for the matching as it considers the total balance and is not split by transactions. Please refer to the attached excel.

The Voucher 2021000465 and 2021000466 have been created into two different periods therfore they have two different currency rate. The base Currency do not match with each other. Now when we run the currency revaluation the voucher 2021000465 and 2021000466 gets revaluated with a different. Since the revaluation voucher is a voucher which is based on the total balance of the revaluated account, we are not able to match the transaction 2021000465 and 2021000466 with the revaluation voucher.


does anyone have a solution for this?


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