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3 way matching on PO with Partial Receipt

  • 4 August 2022
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My customer is doing a 3 way matching to pay Purchase Orders in Arena

  1. Invoice 
  2. Receipt of goods
  3. Purchase order Closed

Is there any documentation on an automated process when an invoiced for a Partial PO Line that is received?  The partial Invoice will match the partial Receipt of Goods, however the PO line will remain open since all goods were not received.


6 replies

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To add additional (optional) settings on an inventory-registered purchase part, query for the part in question and add the desired information. Examples of additional settings are quality control analyst, buyer, order processing type, automatic closing control, over delivery control, and technical coordinator. 


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Thanks, however I would want to leave the PO line open since there are still more due.  Is it possible to have an automated process when the PO is not closed?

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Was the PO closed intentionally or automatically?

If the PO was closed automatically, it’s likely due to one of two things.

  1. the automatic closing control based on tolerance % is being used for the purchase part
  2. the entire quantity may have been invoiced

I suggest you look closely at the purchase part and or the invoice.

If the PO line was closed intentionally, you may need to understand why.

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We do not want to close the PO when a partial receipt is received. 

It should remain open waiting for the balance of the shipment to arrive.  I guess my question is more a finance question.  If my customer does 3 way matching and the PO line is not closed is there an process to pay this invoice?  Currently with 3 way matching Finance does not know a mechanism to pay without manual intervention.



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Hi there, I would still need a solution for this.  The above discussion would not apply to my situation.

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If I understood it well, your customer is reluctant to approve invoice for payment if it matches perfectly partial PO receipt (and PO line remains open awaiting remaining receipt). 
Well, I am not sure if automated solution exist for that. It should be a procedure to follow. 
If closed PO line status is mandatory condition to approve invoice, it means no partial receipts are allowed from process perspective - in case of partial delivery, PO line should be split - quantity decreased on existing line and new line created for remaining quantity. This is manual action. 

As per my understanding, 3-way matching of invoice means that invoice is matching delivery in terms of quantities and PO conditions in terms of prices and charges - Closed status of PO itself or individual line is not a condition to check.