Task completely deleted while deleting a task from Project screen

  • 25 September 2021
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After creating a new project in the project screen, I added a request and the tasks related to particular request were automatically added in the project screen. While deleting a task from the project screen it deletes whole task from the database instead of only deleting the link. But while deleting a request from project screen only the link between request and project screen were deleted. But the deleted request remained in the database.

I recreated this issue in both FSM6GSE SQL and MC-ANDRTST-FSM6 environments. Is this the normal behavior or an error?


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2 replies

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Hi @Thamindu Devinka 


As I know, to link request and project there is a link (REQ_PROJ_LINK). But when it comes to preject-task relationship, there is no such link. Deleting task from project screen > task tab directly deletes the task record. This seems the intended behavior. 

If you want to prevent task from entirly deleting when task is removing from project record, please use the below suggestion,

Hope his may help.

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Hi Thamindu,

   We can do one thing in this scenario is create a replica of Req_Project_link table and name it Task_project_link and then add then link that table to project screen.

So in a project screen when a request is added it will add request in Req_project_link as a normal behavior and task in task_project_link.

then we can use cascade delete to delete task from task_project_link or can give delete button over the task tab to delete only task link instead of whole task.