PSO Additional Attributes Task_Contact or Request_Contact to Activity

  • 29 July 2021
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I am using FSM and PSO and would like to show the customer name and contact details in PSO which in FSM are in the request_contact or task_contact either as a additional attribute or in any other manner. Does anyone how I can map the same?


In the FSM additional attributes mapping I cannot chose the task_contact or request_contact entities. 

I can create a BR to copy this information over the a request / task user_def and then sync that to PSO but is that any other way this can be achieved ootb? 




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Hi @Abrar khan,

This is strongly not advised. FSM is the data master so information should be viewed there. The only data that should go to PSO is data that assist the DSE is making an optimal schedule plan given the various requirements.

As contact information does not influence how tasks would be scheduled this is not and should not be sent to PSO.

A lot of the issues, especially performance, in FSM/PSO systems that we have seen come from sending superfluous information to PSO via some ad hoc set up.

The advise would be to view this information within FSM and to amend FSM screens as required if necessary to compile this information as needed.

Kind regards,

Lee Pinchbeck