Manually configuring connection protocols of FSM instance from HTTP toto HTTPS

  • 27 August 2021
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Hi Experts,

I have a customer running FSM production environment & there is a requirement configure FSM instance to use HTTPS instead of currently used HTTP.

The question is the customer has a specific requirement of not running the FSM installer file to reconfigure the application with these changes.

Customer is asking whether it is possible to manually change the configuration files of the FSM instance to enable HTTPS communication, without doing an application reconfiguration through installer.


Thanks in Advance !!!


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3 replies

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Hi @Supun Ranatunge,

I believe you have worked on some of these HTTPS requirements. Are you able to assist here?

Kind regards,

Lee Pinchbeck

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Hi @Lee Pinchbeck 


This is in fact about the case created by Supun. I’ve contacted Jon Reid from R&D and he mentioned the only method supported by RnD is to run the installer. Since you don't have to re-run the database upgrade, you just have to re-install the same version of the app server and mobile service you already have, specifying https instead of http. It should take 5 minutes per app server/mobile service.


Thanks & Best Regards,

Hushan Hasarel

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@Lee Pinchbeck , thank you very much for the ping.

Seems I had missed this post, my apologies. My colleague the other “Supun Ranatunge” had been tagged to the post :laughing:


As I recall we did mention to the customer that the recommended method is to use the installer & mentioned there won’t be any changes to the database.

However their team was more concerned about several client files they had customized in some way, and was keen on not running the installer.


On the topic of manually changing files:

It’s always best to follow the R&D recommended method, which is using the installer.


But for learning purposes it would be handy to know which client files to change manually in order to configure https on an FSM instance.


So any reply/suggestion/discussion is welcome in this thread :wink:


Thanks & Best Regards,

Supun Ranatunga.