IFS user accounts on customer environment

  • 19 November 2021
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Hi everyone ! 

We discovered that IFS accounts regulrarly log into our environement.

Someone know the purpose of this user accounts : 

  • IFS_Mobile 
  • IFS_Monitor

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The above users are used by the application. When you search for the above person_id in the person screen you wont be able to see the records. These IFS_% users will have the person_status as METRIX which is defined in the FSM codes.


Global code - Person Status

You can observe these records in the DB level but not through the application. From the person screen the following data constraint is added to filter out the METRIX users. 



Comparison of Metrix users and normal users

Regarding the functionality of the usage of these users, the prefix part of the user will be using the specific user to perform its functions. For an example if a records is created/modified by any mobile related process the created_by/modified_by columns will have IFS_MOBILE. 

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Hi @Atheeq Maharoof


Is it possible to have more informations on the triggering of these users / process ?

We would like to understand these process to check there is no impact on our custom process.

For example, our log disapeer regulary and we have detected the connection of IFS_MOBILE user at the same time. There is a link between this two events ?

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As per my knowledge, there isn't any connection with the log disappearance and the IFS_MOBILE. The possibilities are,

  1. The logs have been already downloaded, so that its not available.
  2. The time duration which is mentioned in the server log screen has been elapsed.

Hope this answer helps

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