IFS FSM installation packages

  • 28 August 2021
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Hi Everybody,

where can i find the IFS FSM installation Media , i have an ifs User partner . i want to install IFS FSM on premise and discover the solution features .



4 replies

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@BasHazemE please see if you have access to this link. It has the FSMinstallation guides

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@EnzoFerrari thanks for your reply 


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Community Manager @KristenGastaldo might be able to advise here depending on the type of account you have. Probably the link I shared is ‘customer exclusive’, hence you might not be able to see it

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@BasHazemE  You must have a Customer Account and a Sales Order identifying the software modules that were purchased as well as a Support Agreement in order to get software releases to be installed.  Partners can request demo copies of the software once they have established themselves as an IFS Partner.

I’ve attached here a few documents that may provide the information you are looking for.