FSM Webclient Schedule Board Status color modification

  • 15 June 2021
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Hi All, 


Is it possible to change the color of the tasks that show up in the webclient? The baseline color for the enroute status is transparent and therefore it is difficult to know if there a job on the gantt or not.


Confirmed status - Green

planning - black

Enroute - transparent






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3 replies

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 Hi @Abrar khan 


According to my knowledge, these colors are hard coded in web client. There is a color code related enhancement request in ideas which is going to be implemented in update 11. Not sure whether your requirement too is going to be implemented. Hope this may help.


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Hi @Abrar khan,

As @Kalpani Dissanayake mentioned, color codes are hard coded in the web client.

But from update 10 onwards it is possible to define the color codes for the calendar exceptions in the web client schedule board. 


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Hi @Abrar khan , Hi Everyone

Just to let you know we had the same requirement on our project and realized that the color are indead hardocoded only in web client but based on the column scheduling status for task_status configuration in code table.

Basically if you do not set up a scheduling status (or set “ignore” status) for a task status it will be displayed in grey/black, and based on each status a color is displayed (example on site = red, accepted  green ...)

So technically if you are not using PSO you can “play” with the scheduling status to fit with the right color you want but this is not really made to be configured anyway.

Hopefully RnD will one day change this design to allow a configuration based on item style ID like in smart client but at least we have here an explanation of the behaviour.