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  • 16 November 2021
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Hello Experts, 

Can anyone please chime in your thoughts and suggestion on below request.

  • HTTP extract handler in Message routing rule:
    • Additional argument is added to the HTTP extract handler called “Access Token”, how to use the Access Token argument, is it a static token needs to be added to the routing rule or FSM can dynamically call a different endpoint to get the “Bearer” token and populate in it before executing the actual outbound integration.
    • HTTP extract handler has argument HTTPMethod, most of the time HTTPMethod is used for POST, can we do GET service call in HTTP Extract handler. If it is possible, how would it be configurable in FSM.
  • External Datasource :
    • Is there any availability of sample document on how to configure and use different external source eg: REST API, ODBC Provider, External API
    • The FSM connect document covers up only for dynamics integration, how to use other type of external sources.
  • Display data in FSM without storing in FSM Database:
    • Is there an ability to pull data from external system and display in FSM without storing in FSM? The scenario would be to avoid historical data migration into FSM and based upon user request pull the records from external system and display in FSM.

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Hi @promanikg,

This would likely be better suited to a training request as this is beyond the scope of what the Community forums are designed for.

I do know that your last bullet point is not possible though and your first bullet point is but detail of that setup would be best presented via training as noted previously.

Kind regards,

Lee Pinchbeck