Colouring of tasks based on task type in Schedule Board

  • 28 October 2021
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I want to change the colouring of tasks in the Schedule Board based on the Task Type. I have set this up in the Color Settings screen, and this is working as expected in the Smart Client. I don’t see the same thing in the Web Client though.

Is there a separate setup for this for the web client, or is this not possible? I am using FSM 6.12.


Color Settings Setup


Smart Client
Web client



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5 replies

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Hi @Roel van Zwieten 
As far as I know, the colours are hard coded for the web client.


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Salut !

J'ai essayé d'utiliser cette fonction mais cela ne fonctionne pas. C'est encore bleu !

Avez-vous une idée?






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@7opRenauN did you change the Color Settings? In the below example I’ve set it up that tasks with Task Type as ‘MISC’ are green. 


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@Roel van Zwieten Which parameters? In color settings i try with the keyword “Red” and  after the hexacode color (#D84256).and i used for the VALUE parameter the Code Value in the task_type table.

Is there another parameters? in AppParam for example? or a limitation in colors choice (with official list...)?

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@7opRenauN can you try it with similar parameters as I have from my screenshot? I’m not sure what you mean with the keyword as “Red”, in my example I’ve mapped the color to the task type.