Change of Owner in FSM Mobile

  • 20 September 2021
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I have an issue whereby when the owner of a task is changed in FSM, the task appears on the new owners device but also remains on the device of the original owner.

Any guidance as to what might becausing this would be most welcome as I cannot see anything wrong. This is FSM 6 update 6

5 replies

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Hi @Steve Hurst,

It seems you are getting an issue related to re-assigning. I suspect that this is happening due to an incorrect sync rule or Meta data configuration. Please address below facts.

1. Have you done any changes to baseline ‘Request’ & ‘Task’ sync rules (to Queries)?
2. Are there any custom sync rules related to ‘Request’ & ‘Task’?
3. Are there any custom Metadata associated with this task assigning process?

I suggest you these remedies.

  1. If there are such custom configurations, please revert them to baseline & check to identify the root cause.
  2. Check Mobile Database & mm_message_out so that finding a root cause would be easy.

Hope this helps. Thank you very much!

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Hi Charith

I have changes to the task sync rule and a number of custom tables linked to task.

What sort of thing should I be looking for?



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Hi @Steve Hurst,

I guess you could check the ownership Query. Sometimes, the issue could be there. And If you could revert the changes to baseline one by one, You might be able to figure out where the problem is.


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Hi @Steve Hurst 

What happens when you initialize the original owner’s device?  Once you initialize the device, will the task remove from the original owner’s device?

when you reassign a task, there will be a mm message out for DELETE to remove that task from the previous user, and Add to new user using the INSERT message, It seems that the delete action is not triggering when you try to reassign the task.

When we are reassigned a task to different member, if check with the baseline it will trigger and xml to delete the record from mobile as following example.















Check whether this deleting xml is generating with your custom sync rule. If not, you may have an issue with your custom sync rule. Check whether you have any constraints defined in your sync rule. Furthermore, to troubleshoot the issue you may,

  1. Check the mm_message_out when you are trying to reassign task.
  2. Check for any constraints in the sync rule.
  3. Change the task status to reschedule or cancel before reassigning it.
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Thanks KalPani

If I initialise the original owners device then the task is removed.

I only have the baseline constraints on the task sync rule

Changing the status to Cancel does remove the task

I will check the mm_message_out table next ...