Ship items without sales order

  • 24 November 2022
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Relatively new on IFS… 


In our business there is sometimes the need to ship different items to suppliers. For example, if one of our production tools is broken, we need to ship it a company in a different EU country for repairs and then they will send it back to us….

what I feel is strange is that we then create a sales order of 0 EUR, Ship the part, Print a 0 EUR invoice and put that to the bin. This feels counter intuitive and perhaps a “ this is how we did it in the old system” case.

What is the best way to do this? Is it possible to create a purchase order for the repair and us that to send the part? and how is that done in the system?

We are in Apps10

1 reply

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Hi there’s 2 ways you can create this, depends on your configuration on site level



  1. Through Purchase Order (Supplier Material)
  2. Through Customer Order 

When you choose the first option, you need to specify on the PO the purchase part should be a non-inventory part (i.e. services) then go to Supplier Material for Purchase order line to add the parts that you would like to ship to supplier

Second option will be using Customer order, on the PO line RMB then go to component parts to add the item to be ship to the supplier, take note: you need to setup your Supplier as customer and you need to setup sales part for your components.


Good luck!