Incoming Customer Order price Override

  • 25 April 2022
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We currently utilize Incoming Customer Order to process incoming EDI xml files.  Today, we let IFS calculate the price of the product based on price lists and customer agreements, and overwrite any price received in the file.  In the future we would like accept the price from the incoming file instead.  We have not been able to figure out how to change this, though.  Are we missing some flags on the customer or in the xml file?  Do we need a different solution to bypass the pricing set up for manually created orders?


Current xml price tags used:




We did notice that the “Original sales Price” in Incoming Customer Order does not populate:


Price in the Customer Order:


Thanks for any suggestions on this.


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If it is an inter-site scenario, if this check box is selected,  the price, discount and purchase part description you send by EDI/MHS to the supplier will update the price, customer order line’s discount and sales part description on the incoming customer order.





But I’m not sure how it works if the incoming customer is from an external customer. May be the answer regarding ‘Price freeze’ flag in below post will help.



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Thank you for the information regarding inter-site.  I did look into the price freeze flag and it does not appear to be an option to change the flag within the Receive_Customer_Order bizapi.  The xml also failed when we manually added the flag to our file. 


Do you have any insight into another way to change the default for this flag for incoming customer orders?

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The solution we ended up having recommended and using was to change one of the XML flags:


<ORDERS_PRICE_OPTION_DB>SENDPRICE</ORDERS_PRICE_OPTION_DB>     // flag to indicate that you want to use sale unit price form the next 2 tags (must be set to SENDPRICE)



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Hello, I have a question related to amounts mapping in the intercompany workflow.

I am using ORDERS message class to send PO (no part line) from customer company to supplier company and CO gets created with all information in supplier company, except for the price field.


Also when i modify quantities in a PO change order, and send it to the supplier company, the quantities are modified but not the price, it is set to zero again even if in process i had manually added before change order.


Do you have any idea on how to first get the price mapping from CO to PO (i can see the amounts in the out and inbox connectivity message so i guess there can be a way to map it through the message?) I can’t try your solution on the “supplier for part” window where a checkbox to send order price is used since these are no parts lines. 


If you have any advice, would be great if you could share