IFS Apps 10 - Purchase Order Header / Line - Create API - Projection

  • 9 September 2021
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The client would like to create an interface with Dell Boomi between our Apps 10 and an external software. This interface should create Purchase Order headers and lines in Apps 10.

The clientwould like to ask, which API projection can create Purchase Order header and line? 



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3 replies

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Hi @Sameera Perera ,


Projection name - PurchaseOrderHandling 


You can get this information as follows.


1.0 Open debug console.

2.0 populate the purchase order. 

3.0 You can see the SELECT statement for populate query in left side pane of the debug console. Select it and then select the ‘API explorer. in the right side pane

4.0 Then select the ‘Open API explorer’.

5.0 You will be directed to the correct projection information.

See below screen print for further clarification



6.0 You can get the API documentation as well. There you will see the header detail  and line details as well.



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Hi @Sameera Perera ,


The above is how to locate projection in our environment. I suggest you check the below post as well


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Hi @Dumeesha Wanigarathna , hi @Sameera Perera , 


Thank you so much for all of the above information!

These are very useful! Now I will be able to find the correct projections and methods!


Thank you again!

Kind regards,