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Hello my friends

How can we record our Business Opportunity Lines (make a history) when they (Business Opportunity Lines) connect to Sales Quotation, As you know when we create Sales Quotation from Business Opportunity the Business Opportunity Lines automatically set in Sales Quotation lines and when we change the Sales Quotation lines, again automatically the Business Opportunity Lines has changed, Here how can we make a history from our pre-Business Opportunity Lines? (before make some changes in Sales Quotation lines ), Actually we need our Business Opportunity Lines in every step separately.

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Hi @ParsaHZM,

If I understood your requirement correctly then you can see the detail history of the business opportunity lines in Opportunity Line History Screen. This even captures the changes done through sales quotation like in my example I have changed the quantity form 2 to 3 in sales quotation. 

You can reach this screen by selecting the opportunity line and click right mouse button to see the option opportunity line history.


Hope this helps!!


Mithun K V 

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Hey there, My friend

Thank you so much for your comment and obvious guidance. Actually I’m so glad to be here and my first Barrier was solved. I got your solution, but the issue is that my user in IFS doesn’t have any access to this page (Opportunity Line History), Apparently I should call our ERP unit and negotiate with them.

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