Basic data translation does not reflect changes in the French language

  • 23 September 2021
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Hello Community,


After I updated the “Delivery Terms” basic data description value in English.  

The new description does not update in the French side of IFS. (When I log-in using French as a language).

What am I missing?  See screenshots for more details. We are currently using IFS9.

fig1- Shows the new description value updated in the English side.

fig2- Shows the French side is keeping the old description value. it did not update to the new description value.




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6 replies

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@ZTC ZTC JGOTA, did this occur after an update / upgrade? 


I am just wondering if ‘Basic Data Translations’ have an effect here. Mine is IFS10, do you have the following form in IFS? 




If yes, do you have the ‘Use Translation’ ticked? Basic data translations seem to be fetched according to respective object’s language (in your case CO?) only. 

Again, this is something I haven’t really tested and not sure if its available in IFS9

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@EnzoFerrari  Thanks so much for your answer!

It looks like IFS9 does not have “Basic Data Translation” like IFS10.

I am wondering, what will be an similar alternative for IFS9?

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@ZTC ZTC JGOTA found this thread on the community where one user has used a customized solution in App9. 


Also tagging @Rangi Wijewardana @Thilini Kumarasinghe and @Tharindu Illangasinghe , three of my highly reliable Consultants from IFS global support if they can give a different idea :) 

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@ZTC ZTC JGOTA none of those IFS employees are part of this group Getting Started with IFS, so they cant see the thread. I did get in touch with @Tharindu Illangasinghe who confirmed that the IFS Form Basic Data Translation is certainly available in IFS9, so I would suspect its a permission issue that’s stopping you from viewing it. Is it possible that you check with your IFS Admin with regards to the permission please?

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@ZTC ZTC JGOTA This is the expected behavior. You need to change the French description at Basic Data Translation for the respective item. Applications 9 has Basic Data Translation. 

Please navigate to Basic Data Translations and query for Logical Unit OrderDeliveryTerm to edit the French description. 

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@EnzoFerrari  @ShadowWizard 


I really appreciate both of your help! Enzo, thanks so much for going the extra mile to help!

I was able to find the solution, the Language Translation, such as you advised me above.