How to edit the standard queue? (CE)

  • 26 October 2022
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I have an IVR script that performs some data fetching from the user, then uses the ‘add to queue’ element. 

I’m looking to change how the queue functions (what messages play and add a request for input) once a caller is added to it.


The documentation mentions that the standard queue can be configured in the contact centre unit voice settings, however the only seemingly relevant options I can see are about courtesy messages, no way to set what plays.


The inbound number type is currently set to IVR. 


Hopefully I’m not making some wrong assumptions on what I can do, any help appreciated.



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You can change the default messages in the queue, but I have found the best method is to do everything inside the IVR. If the call has been added tothe queue, use a timer to play a message at a given time, or offer the caller a callback request. 



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Thanks Damian, this moved me a lot closer to what I’m after.


Ideally I’d like a few messages to cycle through and repeat while in the queue.

Timers have a one time use in the script I believe, so leaving the message playing timers in a while loop wouldn’t work.

Do you know of a way around this?



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If you want a timer to repeat, add a Start Timer inside the timer. You can use this method to have comfort messages alternate, too. So, have Timer1 include a Start timer for Timer 2, which includes a Start Timer for timer 1.