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Supplier Electronic Payment Addresses

  • 16 March 2021
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I have setup a Payment method for a Supplier. According to the IFS Help, I can perform a RMB on the method and select Electronic Payment Addresses to enter the information in. 

However, when I attempt to do this, that option is greyed out. I have checked Permissions and I have full access to the screen. In the help, I do not see any additional prerequisites to add this information. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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Have you verified the payment format connected to the payment method is an electronic payment format?

Having the option or not depend basically on the Payment format set up. Verify that and confirm how it’s set up  


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What is the payment method you are using? This works for eg BGF set up under below format





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Hi @cjohnson,

I have checked from the code level in App10 and following are the conditions need to enable the "Electronic Payment Addresses" RMB.

1. Only one row should be selected in the table.
2. In the current context, there shouldn't be any edits or deletes to be saved (the save button should be disabled).
3. If Payment Method's Format ID = ISO20022, the user should have permission to access the "frmIso20022PaymentAddresses" form.
4. If Payment Method's Format ID <> ISO20022
   4.1. SELECT &AO.CLIENT_MAPPING_PAY_FORM_API.Get_Address_Mapping_Type(<YOUR_COMPANY_ID>, <YOUR_PAYMENT_METHOD_ID>) FROM Dual -- should return a value.
   4.2. The user should have permission to access the "tbwPaymentAddresses" form.

Cheers !

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UPDATE - this issue is related to a configuration problem related to ACH.