Supplier Arrival Date Notification

  • 5 October 2021
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Our purchasing department is seeking a notification for our buyers if the PO is “confirmed” and the 10 days before the “Planned Arrival Date” , a notification will send to the buyers so that we can follow-up on tracking information.


I am thinking of below 2 options, 

  1. quick report. i might be able to create the quick report, but how to schedule the report and send it buyers, this is not what I am quite familiar with.
  2. custom event. and then event action. tentatively, i should be working, but I am not that familiar with it.


your thoughts?


Thank you.


Best answer by Roel van Zwieten 5 October 2021, 07:53

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2 replies

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Hi Ron,

Another option would be to use the Purchase Order Delivery Reminders. This will create a record in the ‘Purchase Order Delivery Reminders’ screen based on the setup done on the Supplier basic data. On the supplier record you would be able to define how many days before the planned arrival date you want to create a delivery reminder, in your case that would be 10 days. 

I don’t know which version of IFS you are running, but you could then also create a lobby element to display these reminders to the buyer.


Have a look at the documentation as well:





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@Roel van Zwieten Wonderful. This might be the most cost effective way. Thank you.