Recording Weight & Material Type on Purchase Orders

  • 23 September 2022
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As part of a carbon reporting initiative, from 2023 we are being asked to record the weight and material type of components being ordered. (currently an Apps 9 user).

We use a mixture of purchase parts & inventory parts. However, the vast majority of our goods are no part order lines. I am trying to consider the best approach for a solution. I see on Inventory Parts there is a Weight Fied, we might just need to add a field for material type. Also custom fields on the no part order line tab for weight and material type is my current line of thinking.

Is anyone else considering or have a solution in place for this? Any alternative ideas appreciated.

1 reply

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For inventory parts, you indeed have the weight info available and you could also use a Characteristic to record the material type.

For non-inventory purchase parts, you also have available both weight (in part catalog) and could use a Characteristic for material type.

For No-Parts, if you are in Europe and such parts are Intrastat affected, you could use the Net Weight field available in No Part Order Line by enabling the ‘Intrastat Affected’, using a Customs Statistic No for that line and then inserting the Net Weight manually. If not, then I can only think in using custom fields.