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  • 7 October 2021
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Is it possible to integrate EDI PRICAT message in this IFS function for :

  • 1. an existing supplier in IFS and an existing item in IFS
  • 2. an existing supplier in IFS and a non existing item in IFS

For the second case,  is it possible to create the item in IFS (Item, Item-site….) automatically.


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Best answer by Lakmal Vithanachchi 13 October 2021, 23:47

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3 replies

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If your question is whether you could use IFS PRICAT to send your EDI message, you should be able to. Make sure all the EDI PRICAT message information is available in IFS PRICAT message. This will work for an existing IFS supplier and a part. This should not work for non existing parts.

This is not going to create new parts.


The price catalog message class (PRICAT) must have been activated in IFS Connectivity.
A price catalog message with either a supplier agreement number or  a supplier agreement reference must have been sent from the supplier.
There must be a supplier agreement entered that matches with the supplier agreement number or the supplier agreement reference received in the message.
The supplier agreement cannot be in Canceled status.
The part specified in the message must correspond to a part in the referenced supplier agreement.


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Thank a lot Lakmal for your answer.

Is there a way to create supplier catalog in IFS database from EDI or Excel file without creating new parts ?

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You may want to explore “migrations jobs” under solutions manager/data management/ data migration for data import.