Help with returning stock to a supplier that was received in error

  • 16 April 2020
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We are trying to return stock to a supplier that was received in error against the wrong supplier.

The process I was shown by IFS during our initial training was to register an inspection, then return.

This process works for normal orders, however, it doesn’t work for returning direct deliveries.


I have tried using an RMA, but this just returns the stock against the customer order into a local warehouse, not back to the supplier.

It does not do anything with the Purchase Order.


What is the correct process to use in this situation?




3 replies

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You can directly return to the supplier from a Return Material Authorization. This functionality was introduced from IFS APP9 release and further enhanced in IFS APP10. You can refer below explanation about the current functionality in APP10.

Direct Returns to an External Supplier

If the material has been directly delivered by an external supplier, then the RMA coordinator at the site may need their customer to return material directly to the supplier. In that case, you should specify the supplier that should receive the returned material. Each RMA line should be connected to a customer order line which has been directly delivered by the supplier specified as the Return to Supplier in the RMA header.

When the return has taken place, you can register direct returns to the supplier. This will also lead to the creation of a return record in the respective purchase order receipt that was created while registering the direct delivery. This purchase order return is considered as a return for credit.


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If this was direct delivery to a customer, you first Undo Delivery and this will then allow you to cancel the purchase order receipt.  This will reopen the line.  You can cancel individual lines or the whole delivery.

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In a direct delivery it seems currently there is no dedicated functionality in the application to return part from site to supplier after receiving parts from customer back to the site from the RMA. But we can use below workarounds.


Workaround 1 (Return via customer order)

1.    External Customer (say A) sends the goods back to the Selling Company (say B)
2.    Demand Site makes a RMA and places the goods into Inventory 
3.    Credit invoice is sent to the Customer.
4.    Instead of returning the material to the Supply Site Supplier (say C), Company B sells the goods to Supplier C.
5.    This implies that you need to setup your Supplier as a Customer and Sell to him on a Customer Order.
6.    This means Supplier C will get the goods; the money is cleared because company B is sending a debit invoice.


Workaround 2 (Return via a 'fictitious' Purchase Order)

1.    Customer A sends the goods back to the Selling Company B.
2.    Company B makes a RMA and places the goods into inventory.
3.    Credit invoice is sent to the customer.
4.    To be able to return the material to the Supplier C, Company B does the following:
5.    Create a Purchase Order for the Parts
6.    Make an Arrival of the PO in the system. Note there is no physical Arrival behind this transaction.
7.    Reopen PO line.
8.    Enter Qty to inspect on the PO receipt.
9.    Perform the function Return to Supplier for Credit
10.    To clear out the inventory balance you have to use the function Scrap in Inventory. Otherwise the inventory on-hand balance shows too much.
11.    It is very important to make references to the original PO on this new PO when sending it to the Supplier.