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  • 7 January 2020
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We are in the process of upgrading to IFS10. in IFS 8 we are still using the old field “Page Footing” in Company/Invoice/General”. Can anybody provide a useful documentation how “Document Footer” is intended to work?

Application Base Setup\Enterprise\Company\Basic Data\Document Footer

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5 replies

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As per the F1 help documentation,

If a Footer ID is connected to a report, it will be printed on the document independent of the report layout. If the report is not connected to a footer the information provided in the Page Footing filed in the Company/Invoice tab will be used.

Once the footer to be used is created in the Define Footer tab.

  1. Click the Connect Report tab. All reports that are already connected to a footer will automatically be populated in this tab.
  1. Enter a Footer in the Footer ID field or select an existing footer from the List of Values and Save.

Note: If you require to have a different footer for the same report and send to a different site, duplicate the line by clicking F6 and, change the location and add a different Footer ID to the report. By default asterix (*)will be selected for the site meaning that the combination is valid for all sites within that company.

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Still don’t understand the “define Footer” tab.

In my environment, “System defined” fields can be dropped to one of the “Result” columns. 

I assume that is the intended way to position a field in one of the defined columns and the order within one column what field should be on top and what fields below each other.

I was not able to define fields of type “System defined” on my own.

I was only able to define fields of type “Free Text”. Those fields can not be dropped onto the “Results columns. The can only be placed in “Result Text Field”. So I don’t see a possibility to define the position of those fields.

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Defining a Field

In Document Footer->Define Filed, you can create a data by clicking new button and entering a value in the Field ID filed and entering a description in the corresponding Header Text field.

The description entered in the header will be printed above the listed field IDs. Information related to the field IDs are entered in the text area.

The System Defined check box is selected automatically for a system defined fields. E.g. Tax Number. This type of field cannot be modified. 

Select the Free Text field check box to enter information in the text area if you want to print it in a single line under the footer. For example, the company web page or other information sent to the customer or supplier.

To define a general field, keep the Free Text checkbox unticked.

Likewise, continue creating the Free Text or General fields as required in order to create the footer.

Defining a Footer

Enter an ID for the footer in the Footer ID field. Enter a description for the footer in the Footer Description field. Enter the number of columns that is required for the footer in the No Of Columns field and save.

All the field IDs created in the Define Field tab will appear in the list and the result will be created with the number of columns entered.

Drag and drop the different field IDs(System Defined, Free Text, General) into the Result view and create the footer. You have to drag them individually in to the columns in the order that you would like to display them in the document.

If a field ID should be removed, then it must be dragged and dropped in to the paper basket. If there are too many spaces between any of the columns, drag the mouse pointer over the column line and drag the line to the left or right.

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Hi Johannes,

The free text ones can be put in the result text field. The ones where you do not tick free text can be put in the result columns. But the bigger challange is that you define the width of the columns by dragging the columns border...the texts do not look like here on the print out.

It is very hard to set up the column width in EE as we can only change it with the mouse.
It would be great if we could see the width of the columns in mm or in a ratio and if we could overwrite it instead of dragging it with the mouse.



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Hi all , Thanks for the knowledge sharing