Directly create PO from MRP proposals

  • 4 October 2021
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for a specific client need we are exploring the possibility to directly create POs from MRP proposals : no manual conversion from PR to PO under a specific amount (let’s say less than 500€). 
Is there any way to do it ? 

2nd option is to create PR at released status, planner still save time in low-amount needs processing.

Thanks for your help and insights on both topics implementation possibilities.

Best regards.


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We have requisitions created by Order Point that are released, converted to an order, and automatically send themselves to the supplier.  Yes, that level of automation is possible.  There are settings on the inventory part for the requisition, scheduled daily tasks to do some of the processing, purchase part settings that are needed, and then a bit of customization on top of that for us to make it work.  Here is the Purchase Part field to read up on:

Order Proc Type:
An order processing type can automate the release of purchase requisitions and purchase orders, convert purchase requisitions to purchase orders, and print purchase orders, depending upon which events are included. The events are processed when the automatic order processing batch is executed.

The order processing type is automatically indicated when this purchase part is used on a purchase requisition line or a purchase order line. When you convert a purchase requisition line to a purchase order, the order processing type is copied.

If the automatic order processing feature is to be used, define an order processing type for the purchase part. Either enter the short code or indicate it by using the List of Values. The description of the order processing type is displayed in the adjacent field. The order processing type is entered on the Procurement Basic Data/Order Processing Types tab.