Custom Field issue with Receipt_Info_Alt

  • 30 November 2021
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The screen Receipt Arrival is based on LU PurchaseOrderLine for view Receipt_Info_Alt.   There are currently custom fields attached to PurchaseOrderLine for other screen.   Most of these existing custom fields are SQL using arguments order_no, line_no, release_no.   I need to create a new custom field that is using arguments part_no and contract.   I can add and synchronize over just the Purchase_Order_Line_All detail view, but when I try to include the Receipt_Info_Alt detail view, I get an error because this Receipt_Info_Alt view does NOT include the columns order_no, line_no or release_no.   They have been mapped to Source_ref1 - ref3.

Is there any way to add a custom field with this issue?

Thanks for any ideas,



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Hi @Mary R,

I’m afraid you won’t be able to add custom fields to this detail view with those arguments in the WHERE clause. The underlying view must have those columns with the same name if you need to include them in the where clause. This is by design.

Hope this helps! 

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@Mary R , @Charith Epitawatta 

You should be able to use v.objkey as the parameter of the read only custom field. This column is available in every view that supports custom fields. Using the objkey you should then be able to  select the PART_NO and/or key columns from PURCHASE_ORDER_LINE_TAB. This obviously makes the field slightly more complex but should solve your issue.

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The problem is the 10+ other custom fields that are already set up and have been used for a long time.   They have the order_no, etc as variables.    The issue is that I can’t attach the Receipt_Info_Alt view because of the existing custom fields

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@Mary R Unfortunately the only way to get this to work would be to rework any existing custom fields that use columns that don't exist in Receipt_Info_Alt to also use v.objkey as the parameter.