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Can we force Wanted Delivery Date to be a workday?

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On a Purchae Order, in APPS10 we’re seeing that the Wanted Delivery Date calculation is allowing the date to be a weeekend or holiday. Is there a way to make that change itself to a work day? 


Best answer by Chamath Kuruppuarachchi 23 June 2022, 08:43

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You need to specify Workdays and Non-Workdays on the Distribution Calendar on the Site and also add holidays using the exception and apply to the Distribution Calendar.

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@jenotto Wanted delivery date is based on the Distribution calendar that connected to the site. Try to change the calendar to a calendar which contain working days only. But this might affect to all customer and purchase orders.

Did I answer your question? 

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Thank you @Jackie P and @Chamath Kuruppuarachchi ! I’m looking there now and think I’m observing that we are using the Default calendar and that the Default calendar is excluding weekends and holidays.



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I’ve worked with customers where the default calendar ‘*’ simply did not work properly. For example, connected to a work center we would have no results from the work center resource capacity calculation.

Recommend in a TEST environment creating a new Calendar, using the Schedule WEEK and using this as the Distribution Calendar for the Site. As @Chamath Kuruppuarachchi stated, this will affect dates on customer orders and purchase orders.

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Thank you @matt.watters , I’ll test that out.