Blocking the use of a purchase part

  • 23 September 2022
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A purchase part connected to a supplier can be blocked from usage by setting the status to 'Not Active' in Supplier for purchase part/General tab.
For an inventory purchase part,  we can block the part being supplied by changing the Part status in Inventory part/General tab.
Is there any other way to block the usage of a non inventory purchase part and purchase parts not connected to a supplier? 

1 reply

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If you are referring to a part that is set up as a Purchase part but not checked as ‘Inventory Part’, there is no status flag as such, however there is no real need to mark this as ‘blocked’ as the part cannot be used on a Purchase Order anyway unless it has been connected to a Supplier (the part will not appear in the lines LOV having entered the Supplier in the header and you would not be able to convert from purchase req/quotation until this link had been created). 

If the part has been connected to the Supplier the setting on the Supplier for Purchase Part should be sufficient to block any supplies.

If you want ‘visibility’ that the part should not be used and should not have a supplier connected, I guess you could create/add a Purchase group of ‘Discontinued’ so that this is visible to the user. This would need to be done in conjunction with ‘finance’ to validate any cross functional implications.