Batch Create Collective Customer Invoices - Apps 8

  • 6 July 2021
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We have having real issues with Customer Orders for a new customer not getting picked up on the Batch Create Collective Customer Invoice, we have copied the customer set up to match identically to our other customer where it does work. Does anyone know of some ‘hidden’ area or part of the set up that we could potentially be missing?



2 replies

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Make sure customer is actually setup for collective invoices under customer/order tab/misc customer info… invoice type field

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Hi @HayleyG ,


Adding to above point, you can check below information too.


Other prerequisites you can check for:

  • The customer orders must be either in the Partially Delivered or Delivered status. If the customer order used to create a collective invoice requires delivery confirmation, the order must have been delivery confirmed. An order with a charge connected to a part order line will not be available for invoicing until the quantity on the connected order line has been delivery confirmed.

Also, you can go to ‘Create Collective Customer Invoices’ window, search the customer and see whether you get any record here



And then RMB on it ‘Create Collective Invoice per Order’ and see whether any of the mentioned COs are fetched there. If so probably the ‘Batch Create Collective Customer Invoices’ should work.


Hope this helps