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Auto Reservation Supplier Material Purchase order

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Hello IFS Community!

We’re in IFS 9, and attempting to figure out how to deal with an issue. We are having parts assembled at an outside vendor, but we are providing the parts out of our inventory (consignment). We have been defining the Purchase parts as Buildable with the appropriate parts underneath them.

After PO release, in the Supplier Material for Purchase Order Line the parts required are listed. This is exactly what we want. However, it is very frequent that we don’t have all the parts listed. Surprisingly, you can’t peg incoming material so we have to check this list daily. We have currently about 30-40 different consignment PO’s in the system currently, so this task of manually checking can be rather arduous.

I’m not sure if this is the best method and we are about to proceed with development of a custom script that will go line to line and reserve for us. If the order is fully reserved a custom event action will trigger an email. The development cost is being quoted at $10k and seems excessive. I’d like to ask the community if there is a better way to do this action before we proceed. It seems odd that IFS doesn’t have pegging functionality in this module.

Any suggestions?

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