Link Item to Linked Item Group Exception ETM Import

  • 8 May 2024
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Hi all, 

Within my ETM import I am checking to see if there is a Linked Item Group associated with an Incident (Event). If not it will create one. This is working as expected. Then I am trying to link an Item to the Linked Item Group but it fails with the error


“You are not permitted to perform this action. Type: PrivilegeException.”.

mapAndPost Assyst REST Exception: Error invoking create on linkedItem with body.

The ID I am using is an Admin ID and I use the same one to create items and Products within the same import channel / datamapper with no issue. I have confirmed the linked Item Group was successfully created and can be referenced via the Id and that the item exists and can be referenced via the Short Code. See images below.

Can anyone think of a reason this would fail? Am I missing another required field upon creation that may cause a privilege error?

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1 reply

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This can be shown by adding “All Product Classes” under “Item Privileges”. More information regarding this can be found on the wiki here -

Let us know if this answers your query.

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