GIS IEE Apps 10 update 10

  • 22 September 2021
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I am working with a customer that has an on prem ESRI environment. We have set up the GIS in their PPR environment and in their Dev environment but still cannot see the interactive map in IFS.

No one on the project has any experience with setting up ESRI. However this environment was set up by someone that knows what they are doing. We absolutely need this to work and any help would be greatly appreciated.

1 reply

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Have a look at my comment here:

It could be that the proxy is not available due to a mistake in the IFS web server setup.

You can also see if the GIS Map web page is available, like opening this page in your web browser:

It should not load a complete map, but you should see something like this:

(using their root URL, of course)

If they don’t see that, check the Developer Tools in Chrome for errors from the web server.

One thing more you/they could try: on the empty/white GIS Map that they see, right click and then select Properties. Does it show a dialog with the properties of the web page?