Changing Rental Duration Days

  • 17 April 2020
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When adding demand for a Rental Part in a Project Activity, the Project Supply can be initiated and a Purchase Order is created. As the planned rental duration days is mostly estimated at this time, this number is changed during the Project Lead time on many occasions.

When the quantity of rental duration days is changed in the Project Demand there is no option to modify the open Purchase Order. This option is only available if the required quantity of the of a Rental Part is changed, however this does not occur too often. The asset to hire remains 1 pcs on most occasions but the duration is flexible.

Only option is to change the demand in the Project Navigator AND to manually change the number of rental duration days in the Purchase Order. This leads to mismatched in the system and to hard to match supplier invoices when administration is not up-to-date.

Then there is also a strange thing that when changing the rental duration days in Rental Workbench (so the total value changes) the changes are instantly made in the Purchase Order without taking any Authorization rules in consideration. Changing the rental duration days in the Purchase Order does trigger the Authorization rules.

Any ideas how to modify the rental duration days in the Project Demand so they are instantly modified in the Purchase Order?


1 reply

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It seems there is no method to update the PO after modifying the planned duration days in the project demand like it’s possible to do so for the required quantity. I think it’s better if you report this behaviour in a support case and IFS Global Support will be able to report it to PD.