Automatic changes on object status

  • 13 September 2021
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Hello everyone,


I would like to understand how to change status on objects without having to do it manually on IFS V8.

When production department asks for a maintenance service they complete a fault report (in Service and Maintenance module) but they have no way to indicate if the equipment is stopped or still working (neither with operational status or operational condition). I would like to know if it is possible to modify object status in fault reports ? Is this function handle with another module ?

How is this function working on IFS latest version ?


Thank you for your help,



2 replies

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No there isn’t without somebody developing a custom event, but I really like the idea of eventually adding it to the fault report and the new Ad Hoc Work Report.  I think we’d also need a mechanism that would put in back in operation once the equipment has been repaired. 

What do guys think?  @Thommy , @Mayura Wasantha , and @DharshanaW?

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It would be nice to have something in this direction..

But there would of course be things to consider like when to put it back (checks on open Work Orders/Work Tasks) and also we need to have a check on if there is mechanism to consider in Manufacturing where they can have operational plans on the equipment (I don’t know if there is some way on that side to set an equipment to out of operation).

But yes - interesting area.