Adjust Maintenance Plan Dates on Performed Date Based PM Action

  • 19 September 2022
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I’m wondering if it’s possible to adjust the future due dates on a PM action with Performed Date Based set to Yes without a new work task being created/completed? Every time I try to manually change the due date on a line in the maintenance plan, the system won’t change any future suggestions. We’re running apps 10 update 13.

A little background on the specific scenario:

The PM generated a work order for 10/5/22, but because it falls during a major outage at the plant, it was decided to skip this instance and perform the maintenance when the unit is back online. The WO for 10/5/22 ended up being cancelled. The major outage will be completed by 12/12/22, so we want to adjust the next due date for this PM to line up with that date. 

I can manually adjust the due date for the next maintenance plan line and save, but the rest of the due dates don’t adjust. The Earliest Start, Latest Finish, and Remaining to Due fields also remain the same for the original due date. I’ve also tried changing the PM action Start Value, but that doesn’t make a difference either. I was able to get the future lines to change if I changed Performed Date Based to No and changed the Start Value. This then shifted all maintenance plan lines to match the new start value. I could then change Performed Date Based back to Yes. The maintenance plan lines would stay unless I regenerated the plan.

Is there a proper way to manually adjust the due dates for all future maintenance plan lines? Or what would be the better way to handle this scenario within IFS?



Evan Edwards

Before manually adjusting due date
After manually adjusting due date



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Hi @eedwards ,

To solve this issue we can use following Workaround 

Every time we have to perform the following workaround due to this issue where PM Actions have value in ‘Performed Date Based’ field as ‘Yes’

1. Navigate back to General Tab and change the value in ‘Performed Date Based’ field as ‘No’
2. RMB header and select ‘Regeneration Plan’ option. Thereafter the lines in Maintenance Plan tab will show correct dates.
3. Thereafter Navigate back to general tab and change the value in ‘Performed Date Based’ field from ‘No’ to ‘Yes’


The bug ID  163387 introduced in UPD17, will resolve this issue with following solution.

1.Create a PM action with calendar generation mode, while setting ‘Performed date based’ Yes.
2.Activate PM action and generate a work order for the first period
3.Go to prepare work order and cancel the task and then the work order.
4.Create revision for the PM action, with changes in start value, save.
5.Regenarate the plan, observe the maintenance plan. The plan is not regenerating based on New start value.

Note 1: the above can resolve by workaround by setting the ‘performed date based’ False and regenerate the plan.

Note 2: The problem here is that, once the work task is cancelled, system do not find a value for last ‘work task completion date’, in order to regenerate the maintenance plan when the ‘performed date base’ is yes.

Solution: In step 5, the plan should regenerate same as it works in workaround, So that it has previously cancelled period and regenerated periods with new start value.

This issue will resolve with the fix introduced in UPD17.

Hope this helps.

Best regards,


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Hi Bimsara,

Thank you for the detailed response! This workaround works great and will allow us to continue until we eventually upgrade to UPD17.



Evan Edwards



Have you tried to use the PM Administrator to change the Maintenance Plan for one or more PM Actions?