UPD release delivery time IFS10

  • 23 September 2022
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What is normal time to get UPD deliveries?
We have requested IFS to deliver files for new UPD three weeks ago.
We haven’t yet get any information when we might get these files. Notes on support case just tell, that they are building some internal environment.

Fully standard implementation without extensions or localizations
IFS10 UPD12 → UPD 17

3 replies

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We requested our UPD update back in May, with delivery to be in August. When IFS took it up, it was July, and start August we got an ETA to be in September. We have got like 4 - 5 ETA updates, but are still awaiting.

It is not very satistying to say the least.


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Just FYI, we have now wait UPD 3,5 month (G2348029)

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it divers, IFS needs to merge internally explicit everything for you as a custmomer with may different bugfixes included than others. Do not forget to ask about the default bugfixes for a UPD which can be around 50 extra “G..” cases. 

In my experience it was 2-4 weeks. Do ask about a status update and an ETA.