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  • 18 November 2020
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Is there a way to customize the starting picture below ? 



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Not sure if that specific startup image can be altered.


Looks like the Branding Option in the IFS MWS Admin Console only caters for the image change in the login dialog.




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yes. i have seen before create this subject. But i want another thing.

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I have tried but couldn’t find a way to to it.

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Such customization can be done in the MWS Admin Console for each of the three available clients: ADMIN, B2B and DEFAULT.

To do that, in the Branding Options section, within Security > Database Identity Provider.

Click on the New button.

A popup window entitled Add Branding Options will open, where it is possible to choose a type of client in the Client Name dropdown, URLs for a logo and a background image, and a custom title.



A new line containing the branding information will be visible in the Branding Options table.

Click Save to keep the changes.

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I'm not sure you understand exactly what I want.