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In Quick Report, how can I use calendar Date picker on invoice date. Sample : SELECT *FROM IFSAPP.INVOICE WHERE INVOICE_DATE >= 'STAR OF YEAR' AND INVOICE_DATE <= 'END OF YEAR'

If I use SELECT *FROM IFSAPP.INVOICE WHERE INVOICE_DATE >= ‘&NVOICE_DATE’ then I have to type in date manually. Thank you in advance.


Best answer by Furkan Zengin 17 May 2024, 06:46

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@jgrace you could try the solution suggested in the below post:

quick report datepicker for parameter | IFS Community

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I tried it,but it still does not show as a calendar.
select objstate, order_no, planned_delivery_date where planned_delivery_date >= '&planned_delivery_date’ and  planned_delivery_date <= '&planned_delivery_date’


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Hello @jgrace 

Query flags are not available in IFS cloud yet. Therefore you will not get a date picker for a quick report. Please review the documentation here.



Please note that due to an implementation constraint, use of query flags and enabling default values for parameters in SQL type Quick Reports is currently unavailable. Even though you could create a Quick Report with query flags and enable default values, it will not be affected when the Quick Report parameter page is shown. Currently there is no workaround solution.


Quick Reports - Technical Documentation For IFS Cloud

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Thank you very much Furkan