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How to import data to a custom LU?

  • 16 May 2022
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We have data files being written to a file folder on our network and we would like to automate the import process into a custom LU? Should we use IFS connect and setup a FILE_READER? How do you setup IFS to monitor the file folder and process any data files? Can the files be moved to another folder once the process is completed? Does the file have to be a specific format, csv/xml? I appreciate any ideas or thoughts about this.

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You can also look at migration jobs, we use them to read information from csv files on a network folder to bring in information.  The migration jobs can then be run from scheduled database tasks at the appropriate interval to provide the update.  We only keep the newest file on the network folder and have a separate process after the file is read to rename the just read file to old.  This can be packaged as part of the migration job.

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Thank you for your input. We currently use the migration jobs for other updates but we are looking for a more realtime process. We will use data migration jobs if that is the only option. Is there any other options?


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Hi @arebbeadle@arebbeadle 

Please let me know if I understood your question.

Are you planning on migrating files to Custom Logic Unit? Do you intend to move physical files? Are you trying to connect objects?

It is also possible to migrate data using the API created by the Custom Logic Unit, more specifically, NEW( ).




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Hi @arebbeadle ,


Using a migration job as @ShawnBerk  recommends is certainly a good way to import data into IFS but depending on the version of IFS you perhaps could use a RestFul API to add or update data to a custom logical unit.  If you are using IFS Application 10 or above IFS should generate a projection and Restful API you could utilize to add, update or read data from the custom logical unit.


Here’s a screenshot of a Restful API we could use in our system to update one of our custom logical units.




William Klotz

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We are using IFS APPS10 UPD11 IEE version,


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Sorry for the delayed response. Do you know if there is a good tutorial on setting up a projection for a custom LU?