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  • 5 January 2021
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Happy New Year Community! 

I hope everyone enjoyed a break over the holiday. At the end of the year, I like to recognize some of the best things that have happened over the past year, so here is my “Best of 2020” community list!

Most Likely to Respond 

@anmise takes this one, with 422 replies!

Most Likely to Like

@durette is the most generous with his likes, giving out 252 this year!

Most Likely to Answer Your Question

@Lee Pinchbeck , @paul harland , and @anmise are the IFS employees most likely to answer your question, having racked up nearly 75 best answers each this year!

@ShawnBerk and @johnw66 take it for our customers, with around 40 each, and @dsj takes it for partners, with nearly 30. 

Most Likely to Post

@Yasas_AK holds this title, as he has both the most new topics and the most total posts.  @Phil Lamerton and @Lee Pinchbeck are among our top contributors as well, as they’re all part of the team working diligently to build out our Knowledgebase (which also launched this year)!

We had 33 people reach Expert status in at least one of our categories, technology being the most common. 

Congratulations to @anmise , @Banu Liyanapathirana , @Björn Hultgren , @CallumW , @ChanakaAmarasekara , @Chandan , @Charith E , @ChristineLaVoi , @DHPALK , @dsj , @durette , @eqbstal , @Himasha Kapugeekiyanage , @Isuru Wijeratna . @johnw66 , @KasunBalasooriya , @Lee Pinchbeck , @martinnc , @Mathias Dahl , @Mike The FSM TechnoGeek , @NickPorter , @Paul Drennan , @paul harland , @Paul Smith , @Phil Lamerton , @Rusiru , @Sajith D , @shallk , @ShawnBerk , @Srikanth , @Tharindu , @ThiliniK , and @Yasas_AK !

Top Topics

Our most replied to post is the “What Resource would help you most?” topic, so please continue to add your thoughts there. Our team is working to meet those requests!

Our most liked post is the Meet the Heroes post, which is badly in need of updating (I’ll get on that this week!). We’re up to 63 heroes and 8 superheroes this year! They’ll all receive Best of 2020 badges as well. 

Heroes @Hans Andersen , @NickPorter , @ShawnBerk , @pwlm , @JULIAN , @william.klotz , @cjohnson , @CallumW , @GPIE , @MikeArbon , @Adam Bereda , @jbernardo , @AdrianEgley , @DHPALK , @sampathsris , @anbouk , @Charith E , @Banu Liyanapathirana , @KasunBalasooriya , @Charith , @Rasika Lakmal , @Sandun Madola , @Isuru Wijeratna , @amila , @ThiliniK , @Savinda Suvimal , @Binura Dodangoda , @Chandima Athukorala , @Kalpani , @Minoshini Fonseka , @Björn Hultgren , @James Ashmore , @Mike The FSM TechnoGeek , @ChristineLaVoi , @Mathias Dahl , @Tharindu , @Jon Reid , @Himasha Kapugeekiyanage , @James Housley , @shallk , @Aaron.Sleight , @majose , @Technical Outlaws , @tomgreenwood , @ChanakaAmarasekara , @Sajith D , @jabous , @Chandan , @Tomas Ruderfelt , @martinnc , @Paul Drennan , @Sajith.Anushan , @casogb , @Jeff Smith , @Paul Smith , @Saranga Amaraweera , @Steve Hurst , @Fredrik Eklund , @Eranda , @MKG019 , @eqbstal , @Srikanth 

Superheroes @durette , @dsj , @johnw66 , @Yasas_AK , @anmise , @Rusiru , @Lee Pinchbeck , @paul harland 


Thank you all for a fantastic year in the community; looking forward to spending 2021 with you! I’m planning to send out a community survey in the near future, so that you can let me know about your experience on the site, and what you might like to see in the next year!

If someone has helped you in the community and haven’t been recognized in these mentions, please tag them in the comments below! 

5 replies

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A sincere thank you to all!
This level of experience and knowledge sharing is what community participation is all about.

Long live the IFS Community!

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Great round up and here’s to the ‘best of 2020’ 👏

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Personally I would nominate @KristenGastaldo for the title of ‘Ultimate Super Hero’ (if there was such a title) for making all this possible, and also for responding incredibly quickly and positively to any comments or suggestions about how to improve the IFS Community. She really is a super star! :raised_hands:

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