ISO20022 USD WIRE payment error - Province too long

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We are testing with WIRE payments with Scotiabank, below is the error from the bank - Province Code is too long, according to the bank, only allow 3 chars.

any experience how to resolve this issue? as for an international supplier, their province code would never fall in CA/US ISO standards. 


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Hello Ron,

You can leave the field empty. It’s an optional field.

At least, that is what we do in Spain.



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@TimeMarBou Thank you for your reply.

But Scotiabank request detail address of the receipent, hence the province code is brought forward to the XML. mean time, the supplier address is the legal adress has to be shown up on the purchase order print.


i am thinking of put city and province code on the adress line 2. the purchase order print will show it, but it might not be mapped and sent to ISO20022.


Thank you.

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@TimeMarBou We squeeze the province code, make it less than 3 charaters. the problem is resolved. 

Thank you.