• 8 July 2021
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I would like that a technician could do quotes on FSM mobile. 
We have a menu “Quotes”, but what are the settings required  to allow a tech create a quote / delete a quote on FSM mobile ?

On the standard screen, i have the menu, but it seems I’m not allow to create a quote. 
Do we have to add some functions in the Tech role ? or something else ?

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7 replies

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Hi @athobie 

You can long press on “My Quotes” in the screen, then you will be able to see “Add Quote” button pop up on the top of the screen. SImply clicking on the button, you can add new quote. Hope this may help. 

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Hi @Kalpani Dissanayake 

Thanks it helps.
and if I want to delete it (because I did it by error) ?


Thanks for your help

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Hi @Kalpani Dissanayake
If I want to delete a quote (because I did it by error) in FSM Mobile : How can i proceed ?


Thanks for your help



anthony thobie


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Hi @athobie 

You can long press on that particular Quotes and will get option to delete or edit, hope this may help. 



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Hi @athobie 

I hope Kalpani had clearly introduced how to set up a new Quote using the mobile app. But If any case you accidentally created a unwanted Quote and wants to delete it, The convenient way is to delete it from the back office.
You can simply quarry the quote from the back office and delete it.

Hope This Helps.


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@Tharindu Rasnakawewa 

Thanks for your help, 
i didn’t see the “delete option” displayed when I’m in a quote (with FSM mobile standard) and use long press.
Do i need before to set something to see this option ?

Also I have the “add quote” option available, but when I fill : customer, date, etc I can’t go further to add some lines. when I click on the “ workflow  button” , it doesn’t work



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To have the Delete option on a quote in FSM mobile what is the setting ?
I can only add. 
What setting is missing  maybe in the role of the user  ?


thanks and regards