Enable attachments on Shipment screen

  • 9 April 2024
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I was looking how I could attach picking lists printed onto a shipment. 

I could only think about two options


Use report archive and try to find the picking list

In report archive set the validity a bit longer (they only need 10 days) 

Try to find the shipment based on the notes (which is not so easy)


Report rule and attach a shipment

So secondly I was thinking of using a report rule and attach a shipment

but I cannot see an attachment screen on shipment so I was not sure how to enable this. 

I checked object connections but could not choose shipment as an entity? 

Its on this screen I would like to attach some documents



@Tomas Ruderfelt 

@Mathias Dahl 


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@kvbe if no record for the logical unit Shipment as below. Add new line and set the service “DocReferenceObject” under the servicelist. makesure the refresh cache is done. Log off and log in again. Attachment section should be visible.


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@kvbe easiest would be to:

  • enable DocReferenceObject in Object Connections for Shipment LU. See the screenshot from @diwelk 
  • create a report rule with action → Check In to Docman everytime a Picklist is printed.
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@diwelk  @Marcel.Ausan  Thanks I was not aware I could edit the line. I tried to add a new shipment line in object connections so the screenshot gave me the AHA moment :-) 

Maybe next question on this, any trick to say, ok remove documents after 10 days? so can you put a validity in document management after you attached it to a shipment? 

Or any advice how you can trim your document management for unneeded info. for example a picking list is not needed anymore after 10 days etc. ?

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@kvbe you could use the below parameter to mark the documents as expired. Pls make sure to do this in the Document Class Management so it would only be applicable for your PickList doc class.


Then, once the doc revision is set to expired, you could ‘schedule’ a custom event action to delete the document revision.

See below post for some ideas on what API calls would be needed to remove a document rev

DOCMAN - delete obsolete documents with API | IFS Community

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We don't have any automatic "document cleanup" (nor "archiving") feature today. It's a bit strange that more people are not asking for it since I think the amount of documentation that are produced in the world is not shrinking... 🙂 I also think, given proper configuration options, it would not be that hard to implement.

If it's really important to you, don't hesitate to create an idea for this in the Ideas section here on IFS Community.