Sending outgoing supplier invoice with e-mail

  • 2 June 2020
  • 2 replies

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Is there a way to configure to send Outgoing Supplier Invoices automatically to an e-mail address/supplier when they have been printed? We are currently sending them manually after printing.

2 replies

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Hi Mattias,

Have you tried to setup a report rule? There is an action type "Send Email" in report rule. Hope you can manage with that.


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Hello i need too do this as automatically instead of manuel attaching to e-mail.

When i use standart “Send E-mail” procedure at purchase order screen it doesnt work for me for some reasons. What i am missing about this, the first question.

The second question is how can i automatically send e-mail with standart order print to supplier contacts, when i release a purchase order with custom events or something.

Hope so there is a good way about this basic request.

APP: V10.8

Best regards.