Does anyone use IFS for managing a fleet of vehicles??

  • 5 October 2022
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Were have our current fleet solution coming to end of life and we are looking to decide the best way to manage our fleet going forward. 

Our IFS license agreement does not have the asset management module, but we do use some custom pages to manage our mobile devices, laptops, software licences etc but am not sure if this would work for our fleet. 

If anyone has any experience of using IFS for this purpose, can i ask how you use it?

We are also looking at third party apps that could integrate with IFS. 

3 replies

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Hi Bruce,

We have a number of customers using IFS Applications and IFS Cloud for managing fleets.  One immediate question is what type of equipment and what requirements you have with regards to managing these.

Our Fleet and Asset Mgmt customers include companies in the aviation, rail, shipping and oil industries, where they use the solution for managing equipment that has strict configuration rules, follow up of serialized items, specific maintenance requirements for these, fault reporting and repair etc.

If you can provide more details with regards to your specific requirements, I can provide more information on how to best support those.



Geir Sigve

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Thanks for your response so quickly

We have a fleet of company cars for employees, along with fleet of trucks (HGV/LGV) for shipping goods and also mobile plant. 

We would like to manage these items, recording the drivers allocated, maintenance, lease end dates, fuel and repair costs associated with the vehicles etc. 

Are your customers using the asset management module to mange their fleet?

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Hi Bruce.

Yes, our customers are using the Fleet and Asset Mgmt solution for managing their fleets.  The customers that are using the solution today do typically have more complex equipment than cars and trucks, but it will support any type of equipment.  

In short, the solution provides the following capabilities:

- Managing configuration rules
- Managing serialized configuration

- Defining maintenance requirements

- Logging usage

- Reporting issues with the equipment

- Planning and executing maintenance

- Tracking operations including type of operation, personnel involved

There are obviously a lot more details, which are better described in a short meeting